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Steps To Take If Your Pet Is Stung By A Scorpion

You know how painful a Scorpion sting can feel for an adult human if you were ever stung by one. Considering their small body weight, your pet’s symptoms will often intensify.

Even though dogs and cats rarely die from scorpion stings, you must take your pet to the emergency veterinarian as soon as you suspect they may have been stung. Contact Pointe Pest Control if you often spot scorpions near your house.

What should you do if your pet is stung by a scorpion?

Take your pet immediately to an emergency veterinarian if they get stung by a scorpion. A single bark scorpion sting can trigger your pet to experience serious symptoms and, if untreated, could even result in death. Several elements determine the degree of risk, such as:

  • Your pet’s size: Smaller dogs and cats are more vulnerable to the poison of scorpions. 
  • The type of sting: A mature scorpion may sting first, putting out a “warning” sting that is not as severe as a full sting.

Do not panic if you ever fall into this situation. Any pet owner can imagine how awful a scorpion sting can be. But, as long as you take your pet to a vet for treatment, you should be aware that dog and cat fatalities from scorpion stings are pretty uncommon.

For dogs

Although some individuals teach their dogs to stay out of rattlesnakes, bark scorpions have no similar instructions. In the end, they lack that distinctive rattling that prevents dogs—and people, too!—from touching them.

The scorpion could grab your dog’s curiosity. They follow their noses, as they usually do, which exposes them vulnerable to a sting from the dangerous bark scorpion. You may hear your dog screaming in pain when it is stung. They might attempt to clean the wound if they get stung on a paw. They might try to hide their nose if they get stung in it.

For cats

You might have heard this urban legend before that cats are immune to the sting of scorpions. This is a misunderstanding about scorpions, and it is just not true.

It is a fact that cats are, on average, far better than dogs in avoiding scorpion stings. Their excellent vision, particularly at night when scorpions are active, allows them to either escape or follow other scorpions who are also on the roam. Their agility allows them to avoid tail attacks.

Most cats consider bark scorpions to be prey. Your cat might approach the scorpion cautiously and try to knock it down with a bat. They might even attempt to eat the scorpion if they are successful in killing it. It is not unusual for feral cats to catch and eat scorpions.

Contact a pest control service.

Your house has to be protected, as well as everything inside, including your pets. Contact a pest control company if you spot any rodents, scorpions, or other pests. For a free pest inspection, most pest treatment services send experts to your house.

If you ever spot an infestation, they are going to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the necessary steps to get rid of the infestation and prevent bugs from coming back.

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